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Hey everybody, I am the secondary admin, known as Kimino, and I will try to post as much as I can~ Also, yes, I will TRY TO FUCKING SOURCE IT, YOU FUCKASSES. I heard Admin Enjolras was getting some hate, and also wanted me to join in on this, so why the fuck not? I also would like to note, if this blog gets anymore hate, I will officially turn off Anons, and just basically ignore all the questions that relate to hate. Basically, we KNOW we need to source some shit. And before this turns into a rant, I might as well just say I hope we can please you fuckasses.




A lot of people have been complaining to me because I’m not properly sourcing the art I put up. As I have stated in the previous asks, I’ve had these photos on my computer and flash drives anywhere from a few months to a few years. I also know that other places do not source where they get their pictures from. When you use Google Search and other places to find pictures, it sometimes does not give you a source (especially Photobucket and zerochan), it does however give you the artist at times. If the artists kindly ask me to take down their pictures, I will. Until then, I’ve been too busy with my studies and other things to have time to source properly. Someone has even said “If you can’t source the art, don’t post it.” If I followed that logic at all, there’d be no posting here, and that would be rather pointless. I have also received anonymous death threats from people for simply not sourcing something properly…I find that extremely uncalled for and rude. There are better ways to go about telling someone to source better.

I’m sorry for this rant, but I needed to get this off my chest because I shouldn’t be losing sleep because of worrying about something as ridiculous as a picture blog. i’m not sure how to add links without it being miles long, so I’m trying to find admins to help me. If someone would happen to have the sources for some of these, I’d gladly appreciate them and edit the posts to contain the sources. If you’d like to be an admin, I’d appreciate the help. Thank you for your time if you’ve read this.


if you can't source the art you put up, don't post it. it's that simple.
kayoloflower Ask Away!

Do you know how long it would take to find all of the sources when I’ve had a lot of these pictures on my laptop for months or years and photobucket gives you no sources for some pictures? If I followed your logic, I’d have nothing to post. I have too much time on my hands with things such as school to worry about sourcing at this moment in time. Thanks for your concern though.

Zerochan is not a valid source. And just saying who drew the picture doesn't do much good, you need to link to the original post or else it isn't a source. I'm sorry if I sound rude but this is a pretty big problem for artists.
Anonymous Ask Away!

I apologize. A lot of these pictures have been on my laptop for ages…meaning like…many months or years, so I no longer have the posts, or I found them on other random websites through Google Search. Until I can find the actual source, the ones I have will have to be enough. I will take the pictures down if the artists ask though. Thank you for your concern.


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Ash x Cilan “cafemochashipping”

sources: pixiv and tumblr


I got a request from a friend for some EstFin or as I like to call it, FinStonia

source: zerochan.net


Bakuracest anyone?

sources: unknown as of right now, sorry :(


Have some Jin x Ragna from BlazBlue!

sources: zerochan.net and photobucket.com


First post of this blog, DirkJake from Homestuck

sources: ikimaru.tumblr.com and zerochan.net